Everyone can be a Youth Health Champion

Everyone can be a Youth Health Champion

Everyone can be a Youth Health Champion

Everyone can be a Youth Health Champion

The Health Talks Youth Health Champion training programme is designed to give young people the skills, knowledge and confidence to act as peer mentors, increasing awareness of healthy lifestyles and encouraging involvement in activities to promote good health and wellbeing.

"Mental health is the most important thing for young people and I've learned loads"

Benefits to schools and colleges

  • Trained Youth Health Champions to run health and wellbeing campaigns educating peers and cascading important and current health messages

  • The sharing of information is more relatable using a peer to peer platform

  • The Youth Health Champion project compliments schools RSHEE programme and contributes to the Healthy Schools criteria

  • The Youth Health Champions provide a link between the school and local health agencies forming signposting and joint campaign delivery

  • The Youth Health Champions have access to a sharing platform with other schools and public health teams which promotes current local and national health and wellbeing campaigns

  • Increases confidence in healthy behaviours, social norming and positive role models within the school community

Benefits to young people

  • Knowledge of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, with particular reference to aspirations and the role and importance of health for our futures

  • Increased confidence in healthy behaviours, social norming and positive role models

  • Raise awareness and understanding of health inequalities and how the Youth Health Champion role can help close the gaps and educate peers

  • Develop confidence and resilience through campaign delivery and the YHC responsibilities

  • Increased awareness of the risks and current negative trends impacting our young people allowing preventative work/campaigns to be carried out by the Youth Health Champions i.e. vaping, gambling, mental health awareness

  • Ongoing delivery of health campaigns and “drop in” services from peer educators 

  • The training offers 2 qualifications – Royal Society of Public Health Understanding Health Improvement Level 1 and the Youth Health Champion Level 2 Award (GCSE Equivalent)

"Helped me gain confidence and also gave me knowledge on how to help others."

What's it all about? Play the videos to find out!

Youth Health Champions are running campaigns like these

  • Project Green – promoting healthy eating and basic health messages
  • Stay Calm, Don’t Harm – Awareness around self harming
  • Speak Out, Find Out – Sexual health and risk taking awareness
  • Monoux Bikes – Free cycle lessons to give those students who have never rode a bike to have a go!
  • Take 15 – reduce your phone and social media use by taking a 15 minute break
  • How are you really feeling? – mental health awareness
  • MANGO – Raising awareness around male mental health
  • Snooze you lose – encouraging and education on the importance of sleep
  • Slam the Exam – tips to reduce exam stress

What's involved?

"Looking forward to improving the lives of the young people in my school."

Want to set up a Youth Health Champion programme?

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